Behind the Curtain

Here, we aim to keep you in the loop and share exciting news about upcoming campaigns and shipments. Our dedicated team of meeples is working hard to deliver the fun straight to you.

Let's walk you through our process:

1. Crowdfunding Boardgame companies reach out to us, and once we've established an agreement, we update our Facebook page with campaign details "on the Horizon." This way, you can easily check out the campaigns we'll be working on.

2. The next step involves some behind-the-scenes work, including data entry, calculations, and logistical wizardry. We put in the effort to ensure the smooth transit of the game goodies from a factory located on the other side of the world to our base in Australia. It may not be the most glamorous part, but it's crucial to make the magic happen!

3. Once the publisher uploads your pledge orders into our system, everything starts taking shape. Your orders are securely stored in the vault, ready for processing.

4. To stay updated and manage your pledge we provide a magic link, go to . By using your backer email address, you can access your order, make changes to your address if needed, and submit any inquiries or questions you may have. It's best to address any concerns before your parcels enter the Australian Post delivery system.

5. When the shipment arrives, we send out address verification emails as a heads-up! Please double-check that your address is correct, and ensure your order looks accurate. We'll kickstart the pick, pack, and delivery process within 2-3 business days.

6. We recommend creating a free My App account with Australia Post to keep tabs on your parcel's journey. By using the app, you can avoid any scenic detours and potential delays. If there are any issues or you wish to redirect your order, the app allows you to easily lodge a ticket for assistance.

7. The timing of order processing depends on the campaign's size and success. We prioritize by working through the "combos" of orders with the fewest items first. This approach allows us to efficiently pick, pack, and dispatch the largest number of orders via Australia Post for smooth delivery to your doorstep.

8. Unfortunately, backers with unique order combinations may experience a slightly longer processing time. We handle these orders after the most common combos have been shipped, ensuring each one is carefully attended to, just like customising your hamburger order without pickles and that extra slice of bacon.

9. Once your order is packed, a tracking notification email will be sent your way. The tracking information becomes live once your parcel is scanned at the Australia Post sorting facility, usually on the same night.

10. Unless instructed otherwise by the publisher, Retail pledges are processed last. Distribution orders are sent out 2-3 weeks after all backers have had their pledges shipped.

11. Anticipate receiving your goodies within 2-8 days for domestic deliveries (averaging around 2-3 days) and 8-12 business days for international orders to New Zealand. If the delivery expert can't find a safe spot to leave the package at your address, they will take it to your local Australia Post depot and leave a calling card with pickup instructions.

12. Once you receive your order, take a moment to revel in the excitement! Check the contents, inhale that new game smell, and marvel at the quality of your new game miniatures. We take great care to ensure accurate and safe delivery, but in rare instances, gremlins may find their way in. If you encounter any disruptions, reach out to our help desk through our backer support site or email us directly at We'll swiftly resolve any distribution problems.

13. Now, all that's left is to learn the rules and set up the game for your next game night. Don't forget to give a shoutout to the game designer and proudly share your new game on social media, with friends and family. Have a blast (Good Luck, Have Fun)!

Keep up-to date by checking out and following our Facebook Campaign Update page.

Our page definitions:

Shipping: Our dedicated team of meeples is hard at work! Currently, we have loaded your orders into the bay and our skilled meeples are carefully picking and packing them.
Shipping Soon: We know you're eagerly awaiting the arrival of certain campaigns, and we understand the anticipation. Unfortunately, there have been some unexpected hurdles that have prevented us from completing these campaigns. Rest assured, we are actively working to overcome these challenges and get these games shipped out to you as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience and will provide further updates on their progress.
On the Water: Some of our shipments are embarking on an adventurous journey across the vast sea. They are bravely navigating through treacherous waters, fending off pirates, and even avoiding encounters with the legendary kraken. But fear not! We are closely monitoring their voyage, and we expect them to reach a port near us in the near future. Once they dock, we'll swiftly proceed to the next step.
On the Horizon: We're thrilled to share with you some exciting news! We have confirmed delivery for a selection of new games that will undoubtedly pique your interest. Head over to our page and check out these upcoming gems. Be among the first to explore these fantastic games and embark on thrilling adventures!

Thank you for being part of the VR Distribution community. We're excited to bring you fantastic games and unforgettably good experiences!

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